It is a daunting task to be beginners in the furniture industry, but we rise to the challenge. Our strong passion for designing creative, sustainable and lasting furniture that will become a part of your home forever makes up for this. We are just beginning our journey of creating beautiful plywood furniture pieces and we want to share that with you.  

 Our minimal designs are simple, but effective, with their beauty exemplified through innovative and classic styles. Let our stunning designer plywood furniture redefine your space. 

 Our products offer great versatility in style, use and feel – the ideal choice if you are seeking a unique solution to transform your space. Let these stunning pieces express your personality and be the centrepiece of your home.  

 Our team at Orliply Art are all driven by the same desire to make everyday living more comfortable, and the world more beautiful. Having such truly passionate individuals that love what we do ensures our products are all made with care and precision to create gorgeous quality furnishings.  

 We love plywood material and know how to work with it to exhibit its raw and exquisite natural feel. All our products are built and hand-painted from the highest quality birch plywood in our production house based in the Czech Republic.  

 At Orliply Art, we are continuously working on new concepts to provide a wide selection for our customers to choose from, however, if you just can’t quite find what you’re looking for, we can help! We love working with customers to create their dream pieces to suit their needs and create amazing one of a kind furniture.  

 We strive to make the ordinary, extraordinary. 

Our Mission

Since its inception, Orliply Art has continuously worked with new designers in the industry to create and produce stylish and practical pieces that cater to a wide range of audiences. We work primarily with high-quality birch plywood to create elegant and striking pieces that are unlike anything else.  

 Inspired by the realities of today’s world, our natural material furniture is designed to make everyday furniture inspiring, just as we see it. Our mission is to help our customers create beautiful spaces that allow them to express themselves.  

 As a brand, we value our customers and do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with our gorgeous products. That’s why every piece of furniture is individually reviewed, personally numbered and signed with care by the designer.  

 As all of our furniture is designed and built by us, they can be customized to suit your requirements and create that perfect piece. Our furniture not only creates special and luxurious spaces but come with a graceful and divine experience.  

 As well as being a stunning addition to any home our pieces are made with sustainability in mind as we strive to produce the least amount of waste as possible. Our focus on reusing materials and designing and creating consciously helps us deliver innovative and practical designs to our customers, whilst working towards a greener environment.  

Our Team

The Orliply Art team – people united by the same goals, aiming to make everyday life more comfortable and the world more beautiful.

Michal Mensik - Project Director
Polina Savinova - Designer/ Project Manager
Jiří Haupt - Constructor
Igor Nevar - Production Director

Our Principles

Create perfect products

Using decades of experience

Be inspired by yourself and inspire others

Learning by implementing the best

Taking care of customers and the environment

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