Brand philosophy

We can distinguish all the advantages of plywood, admire its flexibility and leave all stereotypes. We strive to produce really stylish, solid and practical products that, with proper care, will last you for many years. In addition, we carefully plan and develop each collection, reducing waste materials to a minimum and reusing materials over and over, because a well designed product should not be harmful to the planet.

We appreciate the beauty and warmth of materials made by nature itself and emphasize them with design and modern technology. This is the main ethos of our company name:
ORLI – Orlice River
PLY – Plywood material
ART – The expression of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Plywood is our passion, and we are aiming to make you feel it, using the products of OrliPly Art.

Brand history

OrliPly Art is a new branch of Orlimex, a Czech importer and distributor of plywood with a 20-year history. Experience, opportunities, the desire to keep up to date and the enthusiasm of young specialists inspired us to create our own line of elegant plywood products.

Now OrliPlay Art is a team united by a passion for plywood and product design, with an office in England and a production facility in the Czech Republic.

Our Team

The OrliPly Art team – people united by the same goals, aiming to make everyday life more comfortable and the world more beautiful.

Michal Mensik - Project Director
Polina Savinova - Designer/ Project Manager
Jiří Haupt - Constructor
Igor Nevar - Production Director

Our Principles

Create perfect products

Using decades of experience

Be inspired by yourself and inspire others

Learning by implementing the best

Taking care of customers and the environment

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