Terms of Use

The period during which our products retain their appearance and serviceability significantly depends on the conditions of its operation and maintenance.

Climatic conditions and environmental characteristics can affect the appearance and quality characteristics of plywood products. Plywood products are sensitive to moisture, dryness, heat and cold. Prolonged impact to one or more of these factors causes accelerated coating aging, warping and deformation of the product or their elements.

Despite all the technical tricks, plywood is a “living” material that is subject to some changes, and the appearance of small cracks and irregularities (less than 3 mm) is not a defect and a warranty case.

Exposure to light

Prolonged direct exposure to light in some areas can also cause color differences in the elements of plywood products. The color difference will become less noticeable over time and it is not a sign of poor quality, a natural phenomenon.

Temperature exposure

Sudden changes in temperature can seriously damage the product or parts of it. Products made of plywood should not be located closer than 1 m from heat sources. Recommended temperature during storage and (or) operation: + 10 ° С – + 25 ° С. Hot objects (iron, dishes with boiling water, etc.), as well as prolonged exposure to radiation-causing heat (light from powerful lamps, unshielded microwave emitters, etc.).


Relative humidity of the room where plywood products are used must not exceed the value: 60 – 70%. Long and periodic changes in the humidity and dryness of the air in the room must not be allowed. Over time, such conditions may affect the integrity of the product and its elements. In such cases, frequent ventilation (drying) of the room or its moistening can help.

The surface of the product parts must be completely dry. Appropriate care can be done with a dry, soft cloth or a soft, non-scratching sponge. It is necessary to remove dirt immediately after its creation, to avoid the formation of streaks, stains or other damage to the product. In case of severe contamination, it is recommended to use special cleaning products according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Impact of aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, as well as products with their content) is not allowed on the plywood product. Their action may cause permanent damage to the product.

Care for decorative surfaces

To take care of the decorative surfaces of plywood products, make sure it is appropriate to the type of coating material. Read the instructions carefully before using the detergent.

Taking care of plywood products is straightforward. If the product need cleaning, wipe the surface with a damp sponge, then wipe it dry and allow to dry off for a while. You can use soap. Scratches that may appear over time perhaps will add more charm to the product.

Note: all furniture must be used in accordance with the functional purpose of each individual item.

Please treat our products with care: if you observe the operating conditions, our products will stay with you for decades. Non-observance of the rules of care, which the appearance of defects in our products, may be the basis for the loss of the warranty service.

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