Plywood products such as toys, mechanical construction kits, and puzzles are not just entertainment, but also a great tool for education.

These products will not only teach your child how to build a model but also in detail walk them through the mechanisms that make our toys move. It will give lessons about geometry, physics, mechanics and even the structure of the world. You won’t imagine all the advantages of this construction kits!

Pic.1 – Eco-Wood-Art, Planetarium
Pic.2 – Eco-Wood-Art, Globe
Pic.3 – Eco-Wood-Art, Goggles
Pic.4 – Eco-Wood-Art, BELAZ 75600

Plywood is a well-known material that is widely used in construction, decoration of all kinds of spaces and creativity. Essentially, it is multiple layers of glued veneer – an environmentally friendly material. The strength and flexibility of plywood is an advantage that allows you to create truly fantastic things.

What develops during the game with constructors or plywood puzzles?

1. Attentiveness – despite the instructions, it is important to consider all the details and figure out which one to attach to.
2. Perseverance – on the construction of the model you need to carefully think and focus. The assembly process of the constructor or complex puzzle can captivate you for several evenings.
3. Patience – the details don’t always fit together straight away, some of the details will need your input to work.
4. Accuracy – the assembly is an accurate and gentle process, that requires attention and deliberation.
5. The desire for results – many children quit the game at the slightest difficulty, but here the desire to see the final design will certainly outweigh.
6. Rapprochement and contact – working on a plywood mechanical construction kit or a large plywood map is always more fun and exciting together with friends or family.

Plywood toys are a great gift for both children and adults. They develop imagination, teach spatial thinking and are designed to captivate and unite the whole family.

Pic.5 - Eco-Wood-Art, Triceratops
Pic.6 – Eco-Wood-Art, Spider

From simpler construction kits which are suitable for boys and girls from 14 years old, to very complex models with a large number of details that will captivate teenagers and adults. The product range guarantees the brightening eyes of your child and the impatient release of the model parts from the package.
Buying a plywood construction kit or puzzle for your child, you invest in the new skills. After you will be pleased with your child’s imagination, the ability to clearly make a difficult task and anticipate the result.
Toys made of plywood – that is an amazing sphere in which you can easily find a toy for the whole family!

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